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Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Deltoid Shoulder Press Machine is use to build your upper chest, upper back, shoulders, pecs, and deltoids with one freestanding equipment. This shoulder press machine will be an excellent addition to your home gym. By using this machine you can shape your body as you want without going to any gym. It will not only save you travel time but also save your money. It will also help you in becoming physically fit.

If you’re into weightlifting or bodybuilding, you may want to check out the Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Deltoid Shoulder Press Machine. The deltoid muscles, which control motion and stability in the shoulders, are the intended focus of this piece of equipment. Rather than a traditional weight stack, this machine employs weight plates to provide resistance. Exercises that target many muscle groups at once (compound exercises) generally make use of this equipment. This shoulder press machine allows users to execute a number of shoulder press exercises, including the sitting shoulder press, standing shoulder press, and the Arnold press, and can be modified to fit users of varying sizes and preferences. If you want to prevent injury and get the most out of your training, utilizing the shoulder press machine correctly is essential.


The seat may be adjusted to four different heights between 17 and 20 inches above the ground to accommodate athletes of various sizes. The shoulder press has a higher lockout that is spring-loaded to allow for full deltoid function, a deep, full-stretch workout, and ideal growth.


The thick, soft padding on the shoulder and back muscle machine will lessen the pressure and tension on your muscles as you exercise. The seat, back, and arm cushions all have the plush padding.


Four weight post sleeves, two sleeves linked to the u-frame shoulder press, and two sleeves on the delt raise are all included in this upper body machine. The machine can support a total weight of 700 pounds.

DIMENSIONS of Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Deltoid Shoulder Press Machine

The shoulder press machine’s entire height is 65 inches when the U-frame is extended, and its footprint is 39 by 35 inches. The back pad measures 18.5″ long, 9.75″ broad, and 2.25″ thick. The seat pad is 10.5″ long by 11.25″ broad and 2.25″ thick. 10 inches long, 5 inches broad, and 1.75 inches thick describe the arm pads.

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